Jeffrey Lupient on Whether You Should Privately Sell Your Used Car or Trade It In

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Good day, friends! This is Jeffrey Lupient once again. For this page, I thought I’d focus more on car dealerships. From jobs that you could be qualified for to finding the best car dealership in your area and everything in-between; we’ll cover all of these right here. I’d also like to invite you to send in your questions about cars, dealerships, auto loans, selling, and trade-ins.

My goal is to help you get the car of your dreams. And I hope to achieve this by giving you as much information about car sales and dealerships as I can. I’ve been in this industry for quite a long time now—over two decades, actually—and I can honestly say that I’ve gained enough experience to help you out.

Jeffrey Lupient is currently CEO and President of Lupient Automotive Group. He started working at his family’s car dealership chains when he just fifteen years old.

Today, I’d like to talk about what to do with your used car if you want to get a new one—maybe not brand new but a newer model, at least. For a lot of car owners, the dilemma usually involves a choice between selling privately or to trade it in. There are pros and cons for each of these choices, and to help you decide which way to go, I will give you a few of the pros and cons.

One of the things that could suddenly come to mind when it comes to doing a private sale for your used car is the price. In general, you may get more value for your car if you sell to a private buyer instead of trading it in at the dealer’s. You could be looking at an additional $1,000 with a private sale.

Honestly, this is the only benefit I can think of. And I am not just saying that from a dealer’s point of view. There are other issues involved in this decision, and a lot of the clients I’ve worked with have been quite vocal about their regrets over doing a private sale instead of heading straight to the dealer’s for a trade-in.

Let’s say you do decide to sell to a private buyer. Before you can do that, you’d have to find the right buyer first. And to do that, you’d have to advertise that you’re selling your used car. So that means making flyers and passing them around, perhaps even placing an ad in your local paper and waiting for the calls to come in. That’s just the start.

Once people learn about your car, you could have potential buyers popping in unannounced or receiving calls late at night. And since you plan on getting rid of your car before buying a new one, you’re going to have to be pleasant to everyone who comes to you to inquire—so you won’t turn off that one buyer who could be the one.

Now, isn’t that exhausting?

With a trade-in, you won’t have to deal with any of this. True, you could get a lower price, but if you deduct the cost of the flyers and the ads, not to mention your time and effort, wouldn’t that little difference have been worth it?

It’s still your decision, nevertheless. If you’d like to discuss this further, please feel free to contact me, Jeffrey Lupient, through this page.