Jeffrey Lupient on Tips for Finding a Good Auto Sales Representative

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Hello, all! It’s me, Jeffrey Lupient. On this page, we will focus on everything about auto sales; from finding an honest and helpful auto sales representative to becoming the best sales personnel in the automotive retail industry. Information that you will read here is based solely on my professional experiences as a car salesman and dealership manager. In my line of work, I have met a variety of customers with different tastes, personalities, financial capacities, and demands.

All I can say, throughout my years of working in this industry, is that being in sales is more than just closing. It’s also about providing fair and honest service to each of your customers by demonstrating integrity and utmost professionalism to deliver exceptional service at all times. It’s the best way to encourage repeat business.

Finding a sales representative that has your best interests at heart

Now, I know that as a buyer, you may be a little wary about dealing with professional car sales agents. I’ve been in this industry for so long that I am aware of the negative perception of car sales personnel. I, Jeffrey Lupient, would like to assure you that not everyone is like that. What do I mean by this? There are always exceptions.

At all our car dealerships, we live by two words: integrity and professionalism. Our goal is not to make a sale but to provide you with the vehicle that you need based on your preference, specifications, and of course, financial capacity.

So how do you find a good sales agent? Here are a few things that you can do:

First, request a quote via phone or the Internet. Make sure that you receive a written quote so you can bring this with you when you visit the dealership. If the agent you’re talking to insists on seeing you in person before giving you a quote, look elsewhere. The agent may already be trying to reel you in.

Ask for referrals. If someone you know is driving the kind of car you’re looking to get, ask them where they got it and who helped them. A good sales agent’s reputation travels fast by word-of-mouth; just make sure that you completely trust the person you asked—a friend, relative, or colleague.

Research about the car that you want, including the market value. One of the things that sales representatives do to encourage you to get the car as soon as you step inside the dealership is to discuss with you the loan payments that you will make every month. And this is often the trap that car buyers fall into. By looking at the small amount they will have to pay every month, instead of the actual market value of the automobile, they are more likely to agree immediately so they can drive off in their new car on the same day. It’s best to have your loan ready before heading to the dealer’s.

Finally, don’t accommodate another agent from the same dealer when you’re already negotiating with one—the first one you talked to and have been talking to up until someone else was sent to you. Usually, the second person who comes to you is the closer. They will do everything within their power to close the sale. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, you might be talked into spending more for something you didn’t originally plan to get. Should this happen, leave the dealership and start a new search.

Do you have questions for me? Please feel free to get in touch with me right here! My name is Jeffrey Lupient. I look forward to hearing from you!