Jeffrey Lupient, About Me

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Hello, friends! Jeffrey Lupient here. If you’re here to learn a little bit about my early beginnings in the automotive retail industry, then you’ve come to the right place. Let me begin by saying that I love my job and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I feel privileged to be working in the industry that I grew up in and I plan to stay here until I retire.

How did Jeffrey Lupient get into this business?

Father’s Influence

You know how kids sometimes stay away from the family business, wanting to do something entirely different? That wasn’t the case for me. I’ve always been grateful for what my father does—he runs a chain of automobile dealerships. Where some kids would get into something that’s completely different from the business that they grew up with, I was the exact opposite. Perhaps it’s because I saw how passionate my dad was about what he does. I was inspired by his passion early on.

It also helped that my father took me to work every chance he got. I looked forward to these special outings with my dad because it was our special time together—just us boys doing our own thing. By the time I was in my teens and old enough to work part-time, I started helping out at the dealership.

If memory serves me right, I was about 15 when I started working at our family’s dealerships. I wasn’t picky about the job, too! If there was one thing that my dad instilled in me early on, it’s to be humble in all ways. And this meant no special treatment at the dealership just because I was the owner’s son. In all fairness, I didn’t expect special treatment either. I actually wanted to be treated just like one of the boys, or to put it more correctly, as one other member of the team.

I did whatever job was assigned to me. For this, I am grateful because it was how I learned the ropes. Had I started in management, I wouldn’t have been able to experience being a mechanic, a troubleshooter of sorts, and of course, a salesman.

Education, Trainings and Work Experiences

So anyway, after high school, I went to Hamline University in St. Paul. You might be surprised at the course I majored in—it was Political Science. I suppose you could say this was the only time I veered away from the automotive industry.

But my passion has always been in cars. When I became a dealership manager at Lupient Buick Pontiac GMC in Golden Valley, I took training courses at the National Automobile Dealers Association’s Dealer Academy. Perhaps owing to my natural leadership skills, I was voted Vice President of our graduating class.

From Dealership Manager, I took on the role of Executive Manager at Jim Lupient Infiniti in Golden Valley. It was during this time that the dealership really flourished, so much so that it was awarded the prestigious Infiniti Award of Excellence for three years in a row.

Today, I am the President and CEO of Lupient Automotive Group, and also serve as the Trustee of The Rectory School.

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