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Jeffrey Lupient is the President and CEO of Lupient Automotive. His extensive experience in the automotive retail industry has given him the knowledge, skills and expertise to run the company exceptionally well. This site is dedicated to giving consumers tips, insights, and information regarding car dealerships, as well as buying and selling cars.

Good day, dear readers! My name is Jeffrey Lupient and I am the sole owner of this website. I have been in the automotive retail industry for over two decades now and I must say that my experiences helped shape who I am today. I love my job. I find it fulfilling and rewarding not only because of the financial gains I’ve been blessed with, but more importantly, for the satisfaction I see on our customers’ faces every time they finally acquire the car of their dreams.

In my years of working in the automotive industry, I’ve seen every type of car buyer you can imagine. From the ultra rich clients that change their cars as regularly as their change their clothes to customers who are in desperate need of a car but who had to work with a very tight budget. I like helping out whenever I can, which is why I’ve made it a point to particularly accommodate customers who are not as financially well-off as others.

I believe that owning a car is everyone’s right. Families with small children especially need a vehicle to get around in. And most of the time, it’s these families who are struggling with financial difficulties. And it them who I want to help the most. I never turn away a customer. I make sure that each one gets what they want—or at least as close to it as possible—every time they come visit our dealership.

Most of the time, I find that car buyers usually go to dealerships unprepared. They come in not knowing what they want, not having a budget in mind, or sometimes, not having done their budget computations to see how much they can afford.

It is precisely for these reasons that I finally decided to publish a website. I figured, I’d be able to help a lot more consumers if I make my tips and industry knowledge available on the most widely used research tool today; the Internet.

These tips are meant to help and guide you but they shouldn’t be taken as the end-all and be-all of your decision-making process. In the end, it’s going to be your decision that will determine when and if you should get a car, and what make or model to get.

If you would like to learn more about my professional experiences in the automotive retail industry, please visit the About page on this site. I also encourage you to check out the Sales and Dealership pages to learn more about buying or selling vehicles, and things to expect at the dealership’s.

Thank you for stopping by. This is Jeffrey Lupient once again and I look forward to seeing more of you here.